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We Are The Best Website Developers Around The World.Our Team Are Responsible In Designing Any Type Of Website Which You Require,This Company also allows you to Register The Account Where We Will Be Able To Monitor Your Account 24/7 From Threads And Viruses.

What Our Website Is Really About!.

Our Website Allows The Client To Register An Account Where They Will Create A Passsword Which They Will Use To Login And Also When They Need To Purchase A Website.On Purchase Part ,They Will Be Able To Specify The Type of Website They Want Where Our Team Will Then Develop The Page For You.Once Your Website Is Done You Will Be Notified By Email That "Your Website Is Complite",Then You Finish Transection In Order To Receive It.If By Any Means You Fail To Pay Your Website It Will Be Sold At Auction.

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What Our Team Really Do!

Our Team Gives Their Self Time To Fully Develop And Analyse Your Website That Is Really Working And Functioning According To Your Desiar.Our Team Also Try Their Best To Develop New Things onto Your Website In Order To Attract Customers For Your Business,Our Developer Are Best In What They Do.Do Yourself A Favor And Purchase Website On Magnetic Co-Operation Now!.

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About Magnetic Co-Operation.

This Website Was Design In 2020 During The Apedemic of COVID19. Its Main Target Was To Help South African To Sell Their Products While They Are At Home.This Website Was Designed By Developer Named Manenzhe Thendo.We Hope To Give You Best Service You Requires.

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During The Time of the development of your website, you will be given an opportunity to see how your website will look and function.

You Do Not Have To Pay Any Amount Until Your Website is fully Developed


Every Website That Is developed by us, it is done with love and passion, This is the reason our websites are more accurate,reliable and User-Friendly

After The Development of your website, You Have The Right To Require More Functionality on Your Website!.

Fast Development

Our Team Does Their Best In Developing Your Website Very Quickly In Order For Us To Deliver Your Product At Your HAnds On Time.!

If You See Your Website Taking A time To Be Developed You Have A Full Right To Cancel Your Order,But There Are Terms and Condition Which You Have To Follow!.

Meet The Team

This are the people responsible for developing your website and Maintaining it according to Your Desiar.

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Manenzhe Thendo


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Dlamini Bhekumbuso

Web Designer

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Manenzhe Thendo

Web Developer

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Mulaudzi Collen

Account Manager


Thendo Manenzhe

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